About me

About me! 

Hakhamanesh Mashayekhi

Who Am I ?

I am a passionate and innovative experience designer with a background in industrial design. I have been part of the intersection of many design and technology projects at R/GA for major brands including Nike, Google, and Uber. 
My ultimate goal is to put all my effort into being part of improving failing physical, spatial and digital experiences of brands eco-systems to advance their business and delight their users. 


How Do I Think And Work?

As a designer, I push the problems to their edges to break-down then build  unique structures that show new opportunities. This innovative design process is similar to making a chain with small units. These units are:


Feasibility in my point of view is an approach to implement a hypothetical concept into a functional design . I collaborate with experts to translate technology to a comprehensible experience for users.  


Desirability is the most perceivable element in my work that comes from human needs point of view. I utilize different research methods to empathize with my target audience. 


Viability in my perspective is about the ecosystem around the design and how different elements affect the final result, especially business and marketing components.   





What Are My Tools?


I think "Insight" is the most powerful weapon for designers and is built on three fundamental tools: Observing, Creating and Reflecting. For me the components of these three elements include:   


  • Customer Research
  • Trends Research & Analysis
  • Auditing Competitor Products
  • Auditing Brand Eco-system
  • Wire-Framing 
  • Information Architecture
  • Basic Web Developing
  • Storyboarding
  • Product Sketching & Modeling
  • Photography & Video
  • Video Editing & Motion Graphics


  • Prototyping
  • User Interviews
  • User Testing
  • User Monitoring 
  • Feedback Analysis 

To find me, please call +1 313 674 4557, email hakhamanesh.m@gmail.com or leave a message here:

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